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7:02 pm EDT
Monday, June 27, 2022

Zimmermann Podiatry

A trip to the doctor’s office is hardly a laughing matter. However, patients of Zimmermann Podiatry in Leesburg typically enjoy a few laughs. 

That’s because Dr. Erik Zimmermann, DPM, is a die-hard fan of one of the most iconic sitcoms of all time, Seinfeld. He plays reruns throughout the day on a television in the waiting room. He even named three treatment rooms after some of the show’s most-memorable characters—Kramer, George, and Elaine. 

“Our office is Seinfeld-themed because I love the show,” he says. “I’ve seen each episode countless times.”

Dr. Zimmermann spent six years in the United States Marine Corps before attending podiatry school. He began practicing in 1999 and moved to his current office in Leesburg four years ago. He currently treats all foot problems and some of his most common are ingrowing nails, heel pain, diabetic foot problems, and wounds. 

“When I first started practicing, I did house calls all over Lake and Sumter counties,” he says. “I really love the area and serving the people. Patients enjoy the friendliness of our staff.”

Dr. Erik Zimmermann, DPM

1208 W. Dixie Ave. Leesburg


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