YouTube is the ‘boob tube’ on steroids

You might find Nessie.


Until a few months ago, I never knew what YouTube was. The internet says it is an “American video-sharing website,” but offers no details.

However, my son gave me a rebuilt smartphone with nearly 50 apps installed. One was YouTube. It caught my fancy. Friends said it had lots of freaky stuff to see that would blow my mind. That did it. I had to give it a try.

Calling YouTube a video-sharing website doesn’t begin to describe what has evolved into an international video flea market of unbelievable proportions. It offers real news…fake news…funny stories…tall tales about scary people, UFOs and space aliens…time travel…near-death experiences…end times events, and countless health and well-being programs. Videos run from a couple of minutes to a couple of hours, and more than 70 million are posted there each year.

A huge segment of YouTube contains tutorials. Some of the strangest I’ve seen are how to make slime…clean your naval…dig a hole at an amusement park…know if your mother-in-law intends to kill you…and perhaps most useful of all: how to train your dragon.

These videos tend to have jaw-dropping titles with “OMG, I’ve got to see this” appeal. Here’s a sampling of some that kept me up late into the night: “Scary statues caught moving around”; “Five superpowers you didn’t know you had”; “Lose all your belly fat in seven days” (it didn’t work); “13 kinds of alien beings living on Earth”; “Mermaids are real”; and “Five things you should never do in the morning.”

The older we get, the more interested we are in what heaven will be like, should we get there. YouTube has hundreds of videos about near-death experiences. You’ll find a big variety of glorious descriptions of God’s eternity and the people who live there. It’s fun. But, if you’re someone who doesn’t think you’ll be invited through the “pearly gates,” there are videos to show what might be waiting for you in the fiery pits down below. (I didn’t have the guts to look.)

YouTube is a free app that’s easy to download to a computer or smartphone. Do it today and enter a world of never-ending, always-changing information and entertainment.