Women Voters? Enough already.

0516-Cover-STYNormally I would tell you that this is one of my favorite seasons of the year when we put together our Business Men/Women of Style issues. It is a time when our office is buzzing with energy. It seems as though every day business leaders are coming in for photo shoots and interviews, and watching my staff welcome them and masterfully cycling them in and out with ease makes me feel like a proud mother.

Unfortunately, this season has been a bit clouded by the fact that it is a political season, and my husband has forced me into becoming a political junkie. Every night we switch back and forth between news channels to see what happened that day and if there were any events that occurred that may help us make up our minds about who will get our vote. This has been emotionally draining for me.

I get so frustrated when I hear comments from the candidates about issues targeted to women. It seems as though politicians feel women have a handful of issues that we are interested in, and those issues dictate our decisions when it comes time to vote.

That frustration becomes more prevalent when I speak to local businesswomen as they visit our office. In this month’s issue, we have more than 30 pages of women who are leaders within this community and in their prospective fields. We feature bank president Gail Baker of Reunion Bank, Jessy Flynn, owner of Gourmet Today, Theresa Morris, owner of Morris Realty & Investments, one of Lake county’s largest real estate companies, just to name a few. These are extraordinary women who all have an interest in what’s going on in our entire nation, not just what affects them personally.

As female voters, we are interested in national security, our economy, education, taxes, etc.—all the same issues male voters have an interest in. So I say, enough of the bantering back and forth about what women care about. Just treat us as equals, not special-interest voters.

This year the Business Women of Style issue represents the power and vibrancy of our female leaders. We are strong, we are smart, we are educated, and we can do most anything a man can do, and some things a man cannot do. So, stop singling us out, speak to us as American citizens, and let us vote.



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