Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
7:44 am EST
Thursday, December 3, 2020

Women of Style


The biggest issue yet for Business Women of Style, a diverse group of energetic, intelligent women who make a difference whatever they do.

You may notice that Style has a new look, but let me assure you, we’re still the premier lifestyle magazine for Lake and Sumter counties that you’ve always enjoyed. There’s no change to content, but every once in a while we need a makeover.

It has been an exciting time around here lately. We have more Business Women of Style than ever before! We’re also happy to present Connie Mahan as our 2019 Business Woman of the Year.

You’ll recognize these professional women from their work and businesses in our area. They’re from all over Lake and Sumter counties and proud of what they do to expand and promote our local communities. We’re also highlighting some of the clubs and organizations for women. From the Woman’s Clubs, which have been meeting for many years, to professional networking organizations, women gain strength and knowledge from being together.

If you’ve read the book “The Necklace,” you’ll get to read how a group of local women brought the story to life with an inspired fundraiser. A work of art designed by a local jeweler was valued at $21,500. A dozen women wore the necklace for one month each during the past year so as many people as possible could see it and buy a raffle ticket to win it. Now Style has the ending to the local story of “The Necklace.” 

For the past year, another exciting story has been developing and it, too, has a happy ending. Area Rotarians banded together to offer a program to work against bullying at Leesburg High School. Not only have they created great awareness of this prevalent problem, they’re now hoping to create more awareness by sending photos, poems, essays, memorials, and other digital items to the moon. This story is out of sight!

Until next month,