Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
01:55 pm
15 December 2018

‘Womb-think’ brings you peace of mind

A positive imagination keeps retirement worries at bay.

Story: Joe Angione

Retirement is a time to relax and enjoy our golden years. But peace of mind doesn’t always go along with retirement. Money problems…health issues…and a million other worries can keep us sad and frazzled much of the time.

How many more pills must we swallow to control our jitters and sleep well at night? None, if you have some skill in using your imagination.

There’s a way to turn down our emotional thermostats and chill out without drugs, psychotherapy, or divine intervention. It’s a mental focus—a head game—that’s easy to master. I call it “womb-think,” and I’ve been playing it with huge success for years.

Womb-think guides your thoughts to a peaceful place where you control everything.

A golfer friend would put himself to sleep each night by imagining the design of a golf course. He’d select an attractive location and give it surface features he thought most challenging. Then he’d plan the first hole. Would it be a straight-away, dogleg to the left, or to the right? Where would a water hazard or bunker be placed? After deciding the first hole, he’d do the second, third, and so on. It might take him a couple of weeks to visualize the entire golf course. But then he was ready to start planning another.

Womb-think is easy if we focus on something that truly interests us. Have you ever envisioned a house that has everything the way you want it? What would the layout look like? What would it contain? If you were going to expand your current home, what additions would you make? Designing a new house could keep you pleasantly occupied for hours, even days.

Womb-think is much like daydreaming with the sole purpose of creating a pleasant, safe, stress-free environment. Womb-think serves as your refuge, where you feel totally protected, the way you were back in your mother’s womb.

Start by selecting a single, simple object or idea. Picture it in your mind, then imagine how it might be changed to become the best, safest place it could possibly be. Womb-think subjects can be things you discover in your community, in your travels, in a book or a newspaper, or on television.

At the heart of successful womb-think is the law of mental imaging that says: “no two ideas can occupy your mind at the same time.” If you’re thinking about something enjoyable, you can’t also be focused on something that’s terrifying. Womb-think helps lock on to the positive while blocking out the negative.

Womb-think is a solitary experience that needs quiet and freedom from distraction. Nighttime, just before bed, is the perfect time for womb-think. It’s an instant getaway from problems without leaving your home. And womb-think costs you absolutely nothing.

Give womb-think a try after you’ve had a troubling day. You might even want to try it tonight.