After my first scalloping trip, I chose an easy pairing solution and opened a bottle of Chardonnay. I remember the wine’s oaky flavors overpowered the luscious, delicate flavor of the scallops. The next year, I tried Sauvignon Blanc and later a dry Riesling. While both were good pairings, they didn’t do those little seafood delicacies justice.

This year, I’m expanding my white wine repertoire and trying some different combinations with scallops, especially when recipes include a béchamel or other creamy sauces. Scallops are rich in flavor and texture, so they need a wine that is equally rich.

I’ve been searching the Lake County area for an affordable Meursault, one of the best white wines in the world from France’s Burgundy region. Meursault supposedly means “mouse’s jump,” and came from the distance separating the vineyard plots producing red wines from those producing whites not being more than a mouse could jump. Made with Chardonnay grapes, Meursault has nutty, creamy characteristics, a rich concentration of flavors, and silky texture—sort of like a scallop when you think about it.

Meursault wines can be expensive and hard to find. So what’s a scallop lover to do? I picked from another region of France: Sancerre from France’s Loire Valley, which is easy to find in Florida and inexpensive. The crisp, refreshing acidity cleans the palate and prepares the taste buds for another bite of these wonderful little morsels from Florida’s Gulf waters.

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