Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
2:00 am EST
Friday, February 26, 2021

What they’re saying

Community leaders and business owners reflect on 15 years of Style. 

“I really like how the magazine promotes local events by previewing and recapping them. The ‘Hi! Society’ section shows the pictures and names of those who attend events, and people like seeing their faces or the faces of their friends. I know whenever the magazine has done a story on me, I keep the issue forever. The magazine also does a good job of highlighting local businesses, and it’s all done in a high-quality, glossy format.”

—Joe Shipes, executive director of the Leesburg Partnership 

“I look forward to Style coming out each month because it is everyone’s go-to publication as to what is going on in Lake County. Not to mention that Style has helped our real estate business reach the next level. The company provides outstanding marketing services to help us reach clients.”

—Lena Williams, owner of Morris Realty and Investments, Leesburg

Lake & Sumter Style does a great job of getting people involved in the magazine and wanting to read it each month. It’s a community-geared magazine because each time you turn a page, you read about your friends and neighbors. That’s what I really like about it—reading stories on local people who you care about.”

—Bonnie Whicher, owner of Bonnie Whicher Photography, Mount Dora

“I was on the cover of the May issue, and that gave me an opportunity to be in front of an audience I never would’ve been in front of otherwise. As a Sumter County resident, I love how the magazine highlights activities and events that people may not know about our county, such as the flea markets. The feature stories in the magazine are very fascinating, as well.”

—Connie Mahan, owner of Connie Mahan Real Estate Group, Bushnell

“Congratulations to the Akers Media Group team for producing an outstanding magazine for the past 15 years, and I look forward to many more to come. Each month, I enjoy picking up a copy and reading all about the people and great things happening in Lake and Sumter counties. We have so much to be proud of.”

—Rosanne Brandeburg, business development director, Insight Credit Union, Leesburg

“We started selling it, taking it to the streets here, Tim (McRae) and I did and Kendra (Akers), and just watched it grow and continue to expand and get better and better. The design changed. The writing changed. The photography was incredibly done, and we just made it all about Lake and Sumter in the beginning and, of course, the people gravitated to that. … It’s just amazing. (Kendra) was so focused and absolutely that became her baby, if you will. She ran with it and she pulled us in with it, and Tim and I took off with it, and the rest is history.”

—Mike Stegall, former Akers advertising executive

“We’ve genuinely valued our relationship with Style and have enjoyed watching the company’s creative evolution over the years. The publication and its staff were particularly helpful in the early years of branding Kevco Builders. I am very thankful as well for their assistance with our most recent community outreach and mental health awareness messaging. I applaud their consistent effort to raise awareness about the topics, organizations, events and community leaders that make up the fiber of Lake and Sumter counties.”

—Joe Ziler, owner of Kevco Builders, Eustis