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2:22 am EDT
Monday, October 26, 2020

Villages theater offers ‘Deborah’ for viewers to stream staged play

The Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol in The Villages will present its third staged play reading “Deborah,” by Elizabeth A. M. Keel, for viewers to enjoy in the comfort and safety of their homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

The play is a feisty reimagining of the life of Deborah Sampson, a real woman who dressed as a man and fought in the Revolutionary War alongside soldiers like Paul Revere, according to a news release from the theater. Inspired by the infamous British sailor Hannah Snell, Deborah chooses to swap her fate for a male and enlists in the Continental Army. Despite difficulties, she proves a fantastic soldier. After the war she squeezes uncomfortably into the role of wife and mother and saves the family farm by becoming a successful author. This rebellious drama vivifies her astonishing journey straddling the realms of both genders embodying mother and warrior, loner and celebrity, wild rover and wife.

The cast includes Roberta Emerson as Deborah, Clare Lopez as Hannah, Whitney Morse as female No. 1, Alejandro Guevarez as male No. 1, Damany Riley as male No. 2, and Ralph Prentice Daniel as male No. 3.

The theater’s management team is composed of Resident Director Nathaniel Niemi, Producer Jason Goedken, Artistic Director Whitney Morse, Video Producer/Company Manager Ryan Loeckel, Set Designer Kenneth Constant, Lighting Designer Lindsey Young, Lighting Director David Krupla, Sound/AV Designer Nick Erickson, Audio Engineer Luke Bezio, Production Manager Danielle Paccione, Technical Director Clayton Becker, Stage Manager Grace Zottig, Assistant Production Manager Layna Hoopfer, Assistant Production Manager Leslie Munson, Assistant Stage Manager Stephanie Horn, and Video Assistant David Bost.

The Studio Theatre states its mission is to inspire the residents of Central Florida to examine relevant issues by elevating them through innovative and intimate storytelling. Think outside the box, inside the box.

Tickets for “Deborah” are on sale now for $10. Viewers can choose to stream it at 7 p.m. on Sept 25, Oct. 2, or Oct. 9.

Visit the theater’s website for additional information at and all of the theater’s past virtual offerings are available on the theater’s YouTube page.