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5:21 am EST
Sunday, February 28, 2021

Villages artist Arrachme opens new gallery exhibition site

Abstract painting, “Deeper Findings,” will be one of several works in the solo exhibit of Village artist Arrachme’s works on Dec. 1 to Feb. 18 at Plaza Lincoln Leesburg. The new exhibition gallery space is a project of the dealership and Leesburg Center for the Arts to showcase large canvas art created by award-winning Florida artists. // Provided photo.

“Sourcing Solace,” a collection of abstract contemporary fine art paintings created by international award-winning artist Arrachme of The Villages will open a new gallery exhibition Dec. 1 at Plaza Lincoln of Leesburg.

The public is invited to meet the artist during an opening reception from 5-7:30 p.m. Dec. 1 at the dealership. Arrachme’s works will remain on display through Feb. 18 and may be viewed during the dealership’s regular hours.

The exhibit is the premier of joint partnership between Leesburg Center for the Arts (CFA) and Plaza Lincoln of Leesburg to create the CFA Plaza Gallery in the Plaza Lincoln of Leesburg dealership showroom.  The gallery will host four fine art exhibits throughout the year featuring large canvas visual artwork created by award-winning Florida Artists—starting with the Arrachme’s abstract paintings, according to a news release from CFA.

One of Arrachme’s works, “Deeper Findings,” (shown above) is a reflection of a woman in earthy paint color and gold leaf. Hang the painting sideways and the artwork becomes a gentle landscape.

The artist, who simply goes by the name Arrachme, creates contemporary abstract fine art paintings that are recognized, exhibited and awarded in museums worldwide. Her works have been shown in Monaco, Monte Carlo, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, Iran, South Korea, Netherlands, Turkey, Portugal and Belgium. Arrachme is a teacher, lecturer, and judge in the art world.

The artist’s exhibit “Sourcing Solace” will feature several artworks that Arrachme says depicts the place where people seek out solace or their own personal peaceful place.

“Regardless of who we are, or what the times dictate, we as people each seek a unique place of refuge. I have spent a lifetime painting such places,” Arrachme says in a news release. Her works naturally evolve based on two things, the natural environmental world, and the beautiful world that she imagines could be free from suffering and strife.  She uses her art to impact humanitarian, environmental, and societal change.

In her artist statement, Arrachme says: “I paint calming, peaceful art for people that love freedom. My abstract art is influenced by an abundance of nature around my home: the vivid color of a visiting red bird, the sweet smell of green grass, warm yellow sand between my toes, cool blue waves in the ocean, the feeling of crisp air billowing through the wide-open skies, or the wings Monarch butterflies outside my studio window.”

For information about the “Sourcing Solace” Art Exhibit and CFA PLAZA Lincoln Gallery, visit  CFA is funded in part by United Arts of Central Florida.