Treat yourself and lose weight

Slimming World is a company that works on the premise that people can lose weight by making simple lifestyle changes. These three unconventional strategies were inspired by members of Slimming World:

Fill up on pasta! Though it has become the enemy, pasta is filling and helps people avoid reaching for less nutritious options later. Try this tasty recipe for green bean pasta,, and enjoy eating a hearty meal.

Eat treats! Banning desserts and treats often leads to abandoning a diet due to feeling deprived. While Slimming World recommends fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and grain, there’s no reason to avoid the occasional indulgence like layered banana pudding,, when there’s a need for sweet.

Make movement magical! Don’t feel you have to hit the gym for exercise. Enjoy family walks, fun play time with movement, and move more around the house. If you get hungry from exercising, try Slimming World Fries,, as a snack.