Traffic stop yields large drug seizure by Clermont police

A routine traffic stop led Clermont police to arrest an admitted drug dealer who had a cornucopia of narcotics in his vehicle, according to a news release.

About 2:30pm Monday, March 5, an officer stopped Robert Earl Gilmore, 65, of Clermont, because his black Chevrolet truck had a completely tinted windshield, which is a traffic violation, the release states. While approaching the truck, the officer detected a distinct odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. A search of the vehicle found a partially open backpack, with the contents exposed, on the front passenger seat.

Robert Earl Gilmore
Lake County Jail photo

The backpack contained the following narcotics and paraphernalia: about 140 grams of marijuana, 6 grams of heroin, 8.5 grams of powder cocaine, 5.5 grams of crack cocaine, 17 grams of methamphetamine, 13.5 MDMA pills, 46 Oxycodone pills (30 milligrams each), 68 Oxycodone pills (10mg), 18 Suboxone sublingual tablets (8mg) that are used to treat opioid dependence, 60 morphine sulfate pills (15mg), six vials of 75 percent THC oil, one digital scale, multiple clear baggies, and one spoon with a white powder residue that tested positive for cocaine, the release states.

According to the release, the man told police that selling drugs is how he pays his bills. He was transported to Lake County Jail and held on $138,000 total bond with an April 2 court date, the jail website shows.