Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
3:46 am EDT
Thursday, October 29, 2020

Toss a pumpkin at East Lake County Library

You’ve heard the expression ‘toss your cookies’, right?

Well, this Saturday, you can toss your pumpkin! (For real!)

The fourth annual Pumpkin Chunkin’ Contest will be outdoors at 10:30am in Sorrento coordinated by The East Lake County Library.

Think of “science project” since catapults or trebuchets need to be built by teams who then launch the 3-5-pound vegetables at targets 100 feet away.

Trophies for “Best Accuracy” will be awarded as well as “Best Decorated Pumpkin,” “Best Costume,” and “Best Decorated Structure.”

This Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) motivated event has drawn hundreds of visitors from across Florida since it was first organized by Scott Amey and Elizabeth Steele, both assistants at the East Lake County Library.

It’s free, so come early, bring your chairs, and maybe binoculars, too. The event includes fun for everyone!

The East Lake County Library is located at 31340 CR 437, Sorrento, FL 34731. For more information, contact Elizabeth Steele, Youth Services, 352-383-9880 or email