Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
5:39 pm EDT
Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Publisher’s letter: This is us

In crisis, our community bands together.

During the past month or more of isolation due to COVID-19, you have been hungry for news and we have been proud to do our part to meet your needs by providing daily updates and useful information at We also have been supporting restaurants with a “Style-to-Go” promotion for carryout customers, and telling the stories of business owners, teachers, residents and others.

Of course, Akers Media has not been immune to the economic hit or the new reality of working at home while trying to publish a magazine. For logistical reasons, we rearranged our story lineups for the upcoming months, and this gave us an opportunity to profile today’s heroes.

In an emotion-filled feature, nurses and other frontline health-care workers speak honestly and thoughtfully about what it’s like to go to work every day facing a contagious disease and to come home each night wondering whether it’s safe to be around their families. We salute them for their lifesaving work. 

In another health feature, representatives of LifeStream Behavioral Center and AdventHealth Waterman explain how an intervention program also is saving lives—those of people addicted to opioids.

The leading ladies of Business Women of Style, our largest issue that traditionally runs in May, will now take over the June publication. The women will be followed by Business Men of Style in July and another annual blockbuster, the Hot! issue, in August.

We have an exciting lineup for the next several months. We hope that we not only keep you informed but also give you a little diversion from the pressures of the day. I would like to personally thank all of you for your loyalty and dedication to Style magazine for the past 15 years. We are all in this together and will get through this together.

Stay well!