Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
5:02 pm EDT
Friday, August 14, 2020

The year that was

The advantage of looking back is you can focus on the good, skim over the bad, and store it all for later.

This has been an amazing year in my life. For one thing, I hit the big 65. Like my 16-year-old grandson who proudly displayed his driver’s license, I had my picture made with my Medicare card. After all, it’s a big transition, just like driving.

My first great memory of the year was our vacation in England in April. It’s always exciting to make a trip abroad, but our trip always has a little something special in it—we get to visit our son and his family. Our youngest son has been working in the United Kingdom for many years, first in Scotland, then Ireland, and now Weybridge, which is not too far from London. To say it broadened our perspective of the world is a minor statement.

During our week in London, we toured Parliament, rode the London Eye, and spent a wonderful night at the Savoy in a room where Jimmy Stewart once stayed. We also ate at some amazing restaurants and enjoyed a backyard barbecue with our grandchildren.

There were some bumps in the road along the way this year. My mother has very reluctantly agreed it’s time to move to assisted living. She has lived in her home for 45 years, so it’s very difficult for her to leave it. She’s so eloquent when she tells me about walking through the rooms and how it brings my dad back to her since his death in 2004. Changes are never easy. Unfortunately, like taxes, change is one of those things we must always face.

Due to reasonable airline prices, our English family was able to visit the U.S. in August, so we had a rare time of our entire family together in one place. Our daughter lives in Atlanta, and our oldest son in Tallahassee, so our times together are precious. There’s nothing more relaxing than being at the beach for a week with children and grandchildren. If you happen to meet me on the street, feel free to ask me about my grandchildren.

It’s the end of another year, but we have a clean slate facing us in 2018. Fill it with as much good stuff as you can and live every day to its fullest.