‘The Longevity Code’

By Dr. Chris Verburgh. Author offers tools to increase lifespan and reduce the risk of age-related diseases. 

As a medical doctor, researcher, and author, Chris Verburgh believes that by understanding how our bodies age on a cellular level, we can outsmart aging.

His book provides an informative look at how some organisms can grow thousands of years old or not age at all. He poses this question: “Would you like to be 120 if you could still be alert, fit, and healthy and able to independently perform all your usual activities, with the same kind of fitness, health, and vigor as a 30-year-old?” 

The idea is not so far-fetched, he says, especially when antiaging vaccines, telomere therapies, stem cell therapy, lysosomal enzymes, and other biotech methods become more available. 

He reveals that some scientists suggest the first person to reach the age 1,000 has already been born! 

Dr. Verburgh claims a healthy lifestyle really is our most powerful instrument to live longer. In “The Longevity Code,” he debunks many common myths and focuses on ways to slow down our biological clock. He also calls for a new discipline—nutrigerentology—to investigate the vital influence nutrition has in aging, and his book also includes several recipes. 

Here are some of the doctor’s suggestions: 

  • Replace red meat with chicken, turkey, fish, and vegetable sources of protein, including nuts, seeds, tofu, legumes. Too much animal protein accelerates aging, but this is not true for vegetable protein.
  • Eat fewer carbohydrates, both fast carbs of soft drinks, candy, chips, baked goods, and slow carbs of bread, potatoes, rice, pasta. 
  • Fruits contain good fiber substances that help the body age slower.
  • Aim for healthy macronutrients of olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado.
  • Buy eggs from grass-fed chickens rather than free-range chickens. 
  • Taking vinegar before a meal—one tablespoon in a half or full glass of water—can lower high sugar peaks and even promote weight loss. 
  • Eating 25 percent less can extend lifespan.
  • Eating lighter at night can help you sleep better because you’re not suffering from a full stomach or acid reflux. 
  • Exercise: It’s not the intensity that counts but the regularity.