Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
3:28 pm EDT
Friday, August 14, 2020

The ‘Hallmark’ of serenity

This channel is an oasis of goodness in a world of bad news.

It’s obvious the world remains in a sorry mess, and the United States seems at the center of turmoil.

Although you can’t shut out the world’s woes completely, take some time to tune to a TV channel that has storybook beauty and serenity, where good things happen, and folks interact with charm, and believe in traditional values. And when young people meet and are attracted to each other, it’s love, not lust, that guides their relationships. It’s the Hallmark Channel.

I became a fan after last year’s midterm elections. One night, I landed on the channel and decided to stay. I’d briefly seen it before but came away thinking it was “sappy,” a place where unrealistic good things always happened and no one ever got hurt.

But that night I watched, hoping to get into the spirit of the Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays. And it worked, thanks to Hallmark’s 24/7 holiday programming. My frame of mind focused on a softer, gentler side of life seen through the prism of Christmas celebrated by good people with simple family traditions in small towns. Hometowns named “Christmas Creek” and “Evergreen,” were the best places for Christmas. I vowed to pass up the mad world of the cable news and remain immersed in holiday spirit.

That was then. What about now when you need to close the door on worry and stress? You have the same opportunity I did. In addition to its signature Christmas holiday fare, Hallmark features a light-hearted lineup of family programming year-round, emphasizing good people making good choices that reflect values we cherish.

The uplifting Hallmark lifestyle seems in danger of disappearing today, when good often appears silly and unsophisticated. But an hour or two spent watching Hallmark anytime is a delightful reminder that good is always the right choice for the tranquility we need.