The Boss Lady lifestyle

The Boss Lady is a woman who is in control. She oozes confidence and an aura of independence, as well as commanding respect from those people around her and perhaps even those who have only heard or read about her. People who get to meet her and engage her in their conversations always end up liking, respecting, and adoring her. Every guy wants to be her No. 1, while every lady wants to be her. She runs the show, calls the shots, and stands out in a crowd. She demands respect in her social circle and gets it. The only time this lady looks back is to see how far she has come.

I’ve had the desire to be the Boss Lady for as long as I can remember. At every job I had, I watched my boss, examined her every move, and longed to be her. I pondered the questions: How did she get to where she is? What do I need to do to get there? I’m not sure exactly what the appeal was. Maybe it was because they always seemed to be so confident, like they had it all together. Whatever it was, I had to have it.

To this day, I love to see the energy of powerful, confident businesswomen. That is why our annual Business Women of Style edition is one of my favorites that we publish. Now that I am a Boss Lady, I find myself relating to how many obstacles these dedicated women had to overcome to get to where they are now. I can assure you it was not an easy path. Each successful woman we feature in this month’s issue has experienced challenges reaching her goals, but she was determined to succeed, and she did.

To the Boss Ladies featured here, continue following your path. Chase after your dreams, get that promotion at work, keep making more money, be stubborn, and settle for only the very best. You are a boss, a queen, and the mistress of your trade. Nobody should tell you otherwise. Surround yourself with like-minded women who are supportive of all your ambitions.

Act, live, and be the Boss, because that is what you are! Work hard to achieve your goals and remember you are a role model for many other ladies and young girls. Challenge yourself to be the best at what you do, and success will certainly follow you.

To all of you, Boss Ladies, I salute you!