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The best just got better

Liz Cornell, CAS®, CEO TB Financial Group with
Steve Schneider, CEO TB Financial Wealth Management

For TB Financial Group, adding more financial services makes perfect cents. 

Congratulations. You have entered a brand-new stage of life called retirement. It’s a new chapter of your life … a new beginning.

You dream about playing golf several times a week. Or maybe you dream about spending a luxurious vacation in another country.

OK, stop dreaming for one minute and ask yourself an important question. Have you planned well enough financially to partake in these activities as often as you’d like? It’s an important question because saving an adequate amount of money for retirement has become a difficult challenge for many. And it comes with many decisions. How much should I invest? What debts should I pay off? How much money do I need to live on in a year?

Since 2013, Liz Cornell has helped take the hassle out of these decisions. Liz, owner of TB Financial Group, specializes in financial retirement strategies. She works with fixed annuities, index annuities, and life insurance to increase income, minimize taxes, and protect principal against market volatility.

In 2020, she decided to expand her services to more effectively address the financial needs and objectives of clients beyond annuities. She partnered with Steve Schneider and together they opened TB Wealth Management to offer additional financial services like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, providing clients with both conservative and aggressive investments.

Why is this important? More often than not, people have different advisers and companies for each financial element, which is often more costly, less effective and little to no overall cohesion. TB Financial Group and TB Wealth Management looks at every aspect of a client’s financial life and makes sure they’re working in harmony toward a unified goal.

“We spent last year trying to figure out where we could provide more for the clients,” Liz says. “In a year where we couldn’t go out and do a lot, we didn’t want to sit around and twiddle our thumbs. For us, it was wonderful timing to bring on TB Wealth Management so we could offer a full scope of financial services.”

Steve Schneider primarily oversees TB Wealth Management. Steve brings a wealth of experience having worked in the financial side corporate America. From a business standpoint, Steve and Liz are a perfect match because they share the same core values in doing business. Both believe there is no substitute for trust and integrity.

“I’m glad to be part of the team because TB stands out as a company that prioritizes doing the right thing over profits,” Steve says. “Sometimes in this industry people have taken a big payment up front instead of doing what’s in the best interest of the client. Liz and I both believe that in the long run honesty pays off.”

Liz echoed his sentiments.

“Finding people who align with the same moral compass I have is difficult. It was exciting and refreshing to find somebody who shares the same ideas, principles, and best practices. An added asset is Steve comes from a different background, he brings a different style of thinking, which is necessary
in our industry because it’s
always changing.”

TB Financial clients now have access to a full array of financial services with a trusted team managing and executing their financial goals.

“Our clients may have annuities but that is a piece to an overall plan. Some clients are comfortable with the stock market and more risk” Steve says. “That’s where TB Wealth Management comes in. We can offer them a comprehensive financial plan that combines annuities, investments, and everything else”

Despite the growth, clients can rest assured that Liz and Steve would never sacrifice the company’s values and culture.

“We’re still staying true to our core principles,” Liz says. “We listen, we care. We do business the right way, not the easy way. The industry has evolved. We’ve evolved and will continue to do so. When clients are in our office, they’ll see our transparency and authenticity.”

The TB Financial Team (L-R): Tricia Hair, Kathy Gentile, Lisa Spurlock, Denise Peterkin and Brandy Norman

A tremendous team

Once their visit is complete, TB clients leave with a smile that beams with pride—a smile that was not only created through expert financial planning but also through the hospitality, professionalism, and friendliness of the staff. The staff looks forward to conversing with and helping clients while providing a down-to-earth, warm, and friendly atmosphere.

The TB staff consists of Lisa Spurlock, vice president of TB Wealth Management, Denise Peterkin, client services representative, Tricia Hair, operations manager, and Kathy Gentile, relationship director.

Their hard work and dedication have been a driving force behind the company’s success.

“We’ve added additional services, and the main reason we were able to do that is because we have a great team in place to support those services,” Liz says. “Each of them brings a different level of individuality to our company,” Liz says. “They have different perspectives and personalities and individual strengths. Because Steve and I spend the majority of our time in appointments, the staff are primarily the ones executing and making things happen each and every day. It’s a collaborative team effort and they do a great job servicing our clients.”

The team enjoys camaraderie outside the office, as well. They’ve enjoyed trips to the spa, lunch outings and Christmas and birthday celebrations.

“We’re very much like a family,” Kathy says. “We laugh together. We cry together. We go through life experiences together. We all have a healthy respect for each other.”

Tricia says the greatest strength she brings to the team is decision-making and organization.

“There are a lot of moving parts, whether someone calls us to attend the Annuity University or someone is coming here for the first time,” she says. “There are 1,000 things in the middle that need to be followed up on. I help everyone remember those moving parts and keep things moving in the right direction.”

Denise is a true team player.

“I’m always open to help and open to learn,” she says. “I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done in a thorough and professional manner.”

Lisa has worked in retirement benefit consulting for 30 year and brings a wealth of expertise.

“I feel that I’m extremely well-educated and very smart,” says Lisa, a 1989 graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I’m passionate about helping people create wealth.”

Kathy, who has worked at TB Financial Group since 2013, is the face of the company and loves interacting with clients.

 “I’m always welcoming and happy to see them,” she says. “I try to take care of them the best I can.”

Secure your financial future

People all have different situations, expectations, and financial goals. Liz and Steve listen to clients, gets to know clients, and create a financial plan specific to their needs.

 They also understand that clients look to their advisors as a source of information and a financial life coach rather than someone who simply manages their money. This is a role that Liz and Steve do not take lightly.

In fact, they make education a priority. Potential new and existing clients are invited to attend their Annuity 101, Annuity 102, and wealth management classes, which ultimately helps them feel more empowered and confident with their money and guide them to make better financial decisions.

“Education is a key to our success,” Steve says.

 Knowledge. Education. A dedicated staff. Unwavering integrity. Powerful, lasting relationships. Strong principles.

 Those are the greatest assets offered at TB Financial Group and TB Wealth Management.

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