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Choosing an estate sales professional is an important decision whether you are relocating, downsizing or handling an estate due to the loss of a loved one.  Tami Parrish, the owner of EXTRA Step Estate Sales, LLC, explains what clients should expect from an estate sales company.


What are the benefits of hiring an estate sales professional?

The number one benefit is that a professional is handling the estate sale. It is important to find a professional who will take the “EXTRA” steps necessary in preparing your estate for a successful sale.  Having someone who is knowledgeable, educated in decorating and home décor, caring and passionate, and has your best interests at heart, will bring you peace of mind.  An estate sale is so much more than a garage or yard sale.

My goal is to get the maximum amount of proceeds for my clients.  In doing that, I take “EXTRA” time and care in researching and learning about special treasures and display them so others can appreciate them as much as they were loved by the original owner.  I do my very best to make sure the home is welcoming.  If the home has not yet sold, the estate sale becomes a benefit and can aid in selling the home, due to the hundreds of people coming to the estate sale.  If the home has already sold, you will be working with a company that takes “EXTRA STEPS” to ensure the home is treated with love, care, and respect, because of all the people coming through.  It is all about having someone take the burden and stress off you.


What sets your company apart?

It is how we present our clients’ valuables, mementos, collectibles and lifetime of possessions.  We have a very special and unique way of staging the home to make it a beautiful reflection of the years of love and passion they had for their home and treasures.  These treasures are staged to be pleasing to the eye.    While the sale is in progress, and items sell, displays are continually rearranged in the home, to be aesthetically pleasing.  Throughout the sale, time is taken to keep the home very clean.  We like to make the home sparkle.  Great care is taken to make sure our buyers feel comfortable as well.  A very important part of our business is to be helpful and friendly and to make sure we have done our very best for our clients.  Our compassion and sensitivity to the needs of our clients and buyers have gained us great respect in the industry.


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