Taking senior safety to the next level

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office offers services for seniors to keep them safe. If you live alone, you may want to join the Lock Box Program, which gives police, fire, and emergency medical services access to your home if you can’t open the door. The box has an access code that only these emergency responders know. To qualify, you must be 55 or older or disabled and pay a one-time $18 fee for the cost of the lock. Participants receive a spare key so they can access the lock box.

Senior Watch is designed for those who live alone or have medical problems that should be monitored daily. It is free, and when you join you receive a special identification number. If you don’t call the Senior Watch telephone operators every morning, they will contact a neighbor or relative to check on you. If that cannot be done in a timely manner, a deputy sheriff is dispatched to your home. Call the sheriff’s office to join by providing your name, address, and telephone number and a few details about yourself. For information on these and other senior safety programs, call the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at 352.343.2101.