Tailgating touchdowns


College football season kicks off this month. Whether you’re a Gator, Seminole, Bull or Knight, attending a game in person is an all-day event, highlighted by cheerleaders, marching bands and hard hits.

And then there’s tailgating, where we socialize with family and friends and feast on our favorite foods. Here are some tips to maximize your tailgating experience.

  • Line your portable grill with heavy-duty foil, which simplifies the clean-up process and makes it easier to dispose of spent charcoal.
  • Freeze your bottled water and put it in a cooler. August and September games are brutally hot, so you can use it as an ice pack or drink it as the ice begins to melt.
  • Make sure your beverages are cold before you put them in a cooler. The ice doesn’t have to work as hard to keep drinks cool and won’t melt as fast.
  • Form your burgers in advance and freeze between sheets of waxed paper. Put them on the grill still frozen and cook three to four minutes on each side.  
  • Bring a “jumbo” cup so you limit the amount of trips to fill it up. Also, mark your cup so you don’t drink from someone else’s cup.

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