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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Successful Strokes

Painting by Catherine Stockwell

The Lake Eustis Museum of Art is honoring one of the city’s most prominent artists.

The late Catherine Haynes Stockwell is considered a pioneer in the world of art. Her paintings include 1900s landscapes, images of rural African-American families and individuals, and local nature scenes of the Dora Canal and Lake Eustis.

Born in Deland in 1895, she studied art at Stetson University at age 13 under Florida landscape painter Harry Davis Fluhart. After graduating in 1917, she later married a prominent banker from Lake County and moved to Eustis in 1937. Her paintings were prominently displayed in many Eustis businesses, including Stockwell Studio, which was located on South Bay Street.

Stockwell would paint on any available surface, including cardboard and the backs of posters. She often chose subjects close at hand because, according to her daughter, she saw life and beauty in everything around her.

Although she died in 1983, she left behind a rich history and an unusual artistic talent. An exhibition honoring Stockwell is being held at the Lake Eustis Museum of Art through Oct. 27.

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