BBQ Ribs

The “Q” is swine and dandy at Clermont’s popular Pig on the Pond.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun — and maybe even going hog wild.

Clermont’s longest-running and largest event allows you to do just that.

The 17th annual Pig on the Pond for the Kids will be held March 13–15 at Waterfront Park. Attendees can enjoy everything from delicious barbecue and thrilling carnival rides to extravagant fireworks and homemade crafts.

In addition to having fun, your attendance raises much-needed funds to help local high school students fulfill their dream of receiving a college education. Since 2003, the event has generated more than $1 million for scholarships and educational programs in South Lake County.

“In the past, we’ve awarded scholarships to students who otherwise may have been unable to attend college,” says event manager Cheryl Fishel. “Many of those students move back to the area after college and become involved in the community because they appreciate what we did for them.”

Time to pig out


If you have a hearty appetite, you’ll be in hog heaven at Pig on the Pond.

Inhale the aroma and savor the tastes as barbecue vendors rub their ribs and smoke their barbecue to perfection. You’ll be able to purchase barbecue from vendors who regularly compete in barbecue competitions throughout Florida. They include Uncle Jimmy’s in Clermont, MattDaddy’s Barbecue in Minneola, Hook ‘em Horns BBQ in Leesburg, Beef O’Brady’s in Clermont, Big Papa’s Country Kitchen in Naples, Two Crackers Cooking in St. Cloud, BBQ Shack in Lakeland and Oxie’s Food in Deland.

There will also be a macaroni and cheese competition on Sunday. Competitors include local restaurants, nonprofit organizations and home cooks. Local chefs will judge the competition, and prizes will be awarded in various categories. The public can purchase $5 sampling tickets and eat macaroni and cheese until their hearts are content.

These little piggies went racing


You won’t see pigs fly, but you will certainly see them run and swim — and that isn’t a bunch of hogwash. Robinson’s Racing Pigs delight and entertain festival-goers at fairs all over Florida. Throughout the weekend, there will be eight contests where four pigs race around an oval track and through a shallow pool of water to the finish line. Each pig is sponsored, and the winner of each race receives a hot dog and Oreo cookies. Talk about squeal appeal.

“People are always fascinated by the pigs, and all of the races draw a big crowd,” Fishel says. “We all know that horses race and we know that greyhounds race, but pigs? It is quite a spectacle to see.”

Once the oinkers finish racing, festival-goers can venture over to the midway carnival and enjoy children’s rides, slides and a Tilt-a-Whirl. There will also be plenty of games where children and adults can win prizes such as stuffed animals and goldfish.

Other highlights throughout the weekend include a 5k run/walk, a fireworks show Saturday night, a chili cookoff and a pig costume contest.

“There’s something for people of all ages to enjoy,” Fishel says. “I encourage everyone to come because they’re sure to have a wonderful time while doing their part in helping local students receive the benefit of a college education.”

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