She Cleaned/He Cleaned


Nielson Global Home Survey polled more than 30,000 people not to determine the equality of pay between men and women, but to see who does the cleaning, what tools they use, and what they look for in home-cleaning products.

No surprises—women still do the majority of cleaning. In fact, 44 percent of respondents from around the world said this. However, the numbers may be more perception than reality for marketers.

“The perception that home care is only women’s work is inaccurate,” says Sarah Peters, Nielsen Global Business Partner. “The female head of household remains a key stakeholder in the cleaning process in many homes, but as more men play an active role in housework, marketing strategies need to reflect a more balanced approach—from product innovations to marketing messages.”

So, she’s saying if the scent of a product and its packaging reflect a male perspective, it might encourage men to clean? Yes indeed…and it provides a growth opportunity for companies that sell these products.

Next time you’re out shopping ladies, look for a toilet bowl brush shaped like a light saber so hubby will be eager to help out at home.


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