Shawn Wiseman – Wiseman Pools

Q. What are the health benefits of swimming?

A. Many people with arthritis, back pain, and joint pain use swimming as therapy. Swimming is much easier on the joints and spine than high-impact exercises like running. In fact, some people purchase pools solely for exercise benefits. I built a pool for someone who was handicapped and they used the swimming pool for their physical therapy. Swimming is great for people with back issues because they can tread water or use pool exercise accessories such as underwater treadmills. That means they can work out longer with less strain and pain on their bodies. In addition to the physical health benefits, swimming is also an excellent way to achieve mental wellness. It’s great for stress relief because being in the water has a soothing and calming effect on the body and the mind. Also, when you’re in a swimming pool, you have an opportunity to meet and chat with other people. 

My company, which started 11 years ago, has built all kinds of pools, including ones where you can swim or exercise against a smooth current. Because we’re a small, family-owned company, we pride ourselves on listening to our clients and catering to their needs. We don’t build cookie-cutter pools; we do custom pool designs based on their needs and wants because we understand that every customer is unique. We feel very strong about providing superior customer service and quality work.

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