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11:50 pm EDT
Monday, August 10, 2020

Shall we dance? 

Shall we dance?

After teaching ballroom dancing for 30+ years, Carson Humphries recently opened his first dance studio, Legacy Ballroom, 923 E. Alfred St., Tavares.

He grew up in the dancing world and began teaching at 16.

“This is a place people can be happy and learn what they want to learn,” says Carson, who has taught students in their 80s. Some have gone on to win national dance competitions. He has enjoyed helping students feel at ease on the dance floor, whether it was for a cruise, wedding dance, or a night on the town.

“I love seeing people achieve what it is they want to learn,” he says. “I like the teaching part more than anything. It’s really about the journey, helping people get where they want to be, and I like seeing the ‘Aha!’ moment of ‘wow, I can do this!’”

Shall we dance?

He says dancing is good for one’s balance and overall health. His personal favorite dances are the bolero, waltz and swing.

“Dancing is good for your mind and body control,” adds Carson. “And for a lot of people, it’s exciting when they see that they really can do it. The majority of people just don’t think that they can.”