Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
6:14 am EST
Thursday, January 27, 2022

Ryan Fickett

Age: 34

Family: I am married to my amazing wife, Lauren. We have two beautiful girls: Kinley, 10, and Kamryn, 7. 

Career: I am owner of Fickett Fence, Inc. I do sales, crew management, and logistics. 

Greatest career accomplishment: I have maintained the same loyal employees from day one. 

I’m most passionate about: My family. Family is everything. I also love the outdoors. God’s creation of the outdoors has created my fondest memories. 

Hobbies outside of work: If it involves being in the outdoors, then I’m all in. 

Best advice I’ve received: Live today like there’s no tomorrow and you can sleep when you’re dead. 

Guilty pleasure: Enjoying a refreshing cocktail while sitting near a burning fire. 

Hidden talent: I can whistle multiple ways with high decibels. 

Life philosophy: You should live while you’re alive and give others that same privilege. 

What I’d do with $5 million: A portion would go to helping others. A portion I would invest. I would also purchase land and open a hunting and outdoor outfitting business. 

Bucket list item: To load my family up and go out west on a long vacation. 

Most embarrassing moment: Literally breaking my leg while dancing with Lauren. 

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