Roxanne Stafford – Window Reflections

Q. Should I get shades, shutters, or drapes?

A. I receive these types of questions every day when my clients are unsure what is the best window treatment for their family. We understand it isn’t always an easy decision. Our homes are our sanctuary; the place you reside in needs to feel safe and beautiful. Here are some tips to help with decision process. 

You want to take inconsideration your privacy level. Are you looking at a beautiful view of the golf course, the preserves, or are you waving hello to your neighbor every day? Do you leave town often? If you said yes to the last two questions, you may want a window treatment, such as a shade, that will offer you more security. Hunter Douglas offers many shades with different privacy and opacity levels that will bring you both beauty and comfort to your home. These shades can even be connected to convenient smart-home automation, where they can be raised and lowered with a click of a button. 

Is the sun pounding through your windows every afternoon? A Honeycomb shade is the number one product for energy efficacy and comes in blackout styles. For the ultimate versatility, upgrade it to Top Down Bottom Up style, which allows you to move the shade from the top or the bottom.  

Or maybe you just want to softly filter in the light, get the glare off the tv, and dress up the windows. The Hunter Douglas Silhouette has been the leader in light diffusion with specially crafted fabrics that transform harsh sunlight into beautifulambient light. The vanes tilt allowing you a view through the vanes while maintaining privacy. 

Curb appeal is an important factor that is often over looked when picking out your window treatments. Shutters not only look great on the interior, they also step up the curb appeal when looking from the outside. They give the option of tilting the top open to let the morning light shine through, while keeping the bottom closed.

Many of our clients struggle with what to do with an arch window; placing a shutter in the arch looks fabulous while still being able to control privacy and light. 

Overall, shutters are a transitional treatment that will work in any style home, any window, they function great, and are easy to clean.  

Since 1991 we have helped our clients make these difficult decisions and put their own personal touch to their windows. Whether it be a type of shade, shutters, custom board treatments, or even drapes, custom window treatments bring life and color to your home. They dress up your window like nothing else, and it may just be that last piece you’ve been looking for to pull your home together. “

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