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7:08 pm EDT
Monday, June 27, 2022

Rich Valvo – Southeastern Stone and Tile

What product is best for countertops?

This question has been widely debated recently largely due to the development of new products mimicking the beauty and strength of granite. While there are positives to having a variety of choice in any industry these alternatives only stand to reinforce the natural superiority granite has over its competitors.

Natural granite is impervious to heat, nearly indestructible, and every installation creates a look that is solely unique as a snowflake. Each slab has an exclusive pattern of variations in color and markings, this unpredictability and uniqueness is part of granite’s charm. While we must work within Mother Nature’s natural coloring abilities, granite can fulfill any desired design palette from very crisp and uniform in appearance to the most colorful and whimsical of tastes.

Natural granite is also the greener choice. Granite countertops produce fewer carbon emissions during production than quartz countertops. Other attributes that make granite more environmentally friendly than man-made quartz countertops include the stone’s recyclability, durability, enduring life-cycle, and ease of care and maintenance.

A recent development, granite is becoming more accessible to most budgets.  Due to our pricing structure, we are able to transform even the most modest of homes into a thing of beauty, thereby allowing home owners to experience the durability and easy upkeep that only a solid surface countertop can provide.

The only valid concern to granite is that since it is a natural stone, it has the need to be sealed.  While sealing with an impregnator is imperative to the long lasting beauty of the stone, we at Southeastern Stone and Tile only use the finest sealer available and so have never had to reseal any of our installations due to product failure.

While there are many different options available, the natural choice is the right choice.

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