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From diagnosis through recovery, Advanced Orthopedics Institute (AOI) is improving the patient experience.

The brainchild of fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons Dr.  John Williams, Jr. (who specializes in hip and knee replacements and revisions), and Dr. Alfred Cook, Jr. (who focuses on sports medicine, shoulder surgery/replacement, and knee procedures), AOI is a different kind of orthopedic practice with a different approach to the way they treat patients. 

 “The patient is always the most important person in the equation,” said Dr. Cook who earned the rank of Eagle Scout in 1995 and later a merit, leadership and service-based scholarship awarded to only one incoming first-year medical student. 

“Our patients must trust us to provide more than just excellent, compassionate care. We must contribute to the body of knowledge that creates groundbreaking developments.”

“We are inspired every day by our patients’ valor, dignity, and determination,” said Dr. Williams, who had the remarkable experience of working alongside his father, renowned Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. John Williams, at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. 

“While it’s relatively simple to diagnose a condition like a torn rotator cuff from an MRI, we don’t treat MRIs. We treat patients,” said Dr. Williams. 

“To do so, we maximize conservative options – like lifestyle changes, anti-inflammatories, injections, and therapy,” says Dr. Williams. 

 “We factor in quality of life. One patient may say, ‘I can’t golf, I can’t sleep,’ said Dr. Cook. That patient may be a good candidate for surgery. Another patient with the same injury may say, ‘It doesn’t bother me much, and I can do what I want.’ That patient will probably benefit from more conservative treatment.”

 “Only about 20 percent of our patients opt for surgery,” said Dr. Williams. And it is totally their decision. The next time I talk a patient into an operation will be the first time.”

“To help our patients get better, we get involved in their lives – their work, their lifestyles, their habits,” says Dr. Williams. “Every single thing matters.”


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