Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
3:20 am EDT
Thursday, October 29, 2020

Realtors Association Donates to Three Local Groups

“Giving back is the way forward,” someone once says.

The generosity of area realtors has resulted in some $4000 being donated to worthy organizations from the Realtors Association of Lake and Sumter Counties (RALSC).

Brenda Rodgers, Abby Carr, Kathy Entler, and Kristin McCall

“Thanks to our members, we were able to assist with $2000 to Families in Transition (FIT), and $1000 to Forward Paths Foundation for Lake and Sumter Counties,” says CEO Brenda Rodgers of RALSC. “Members elect to give when they pay annual dues.”

Additionally, a $1,000 donation was also given to the Sumter County Schools Student

Brenda Rodgers and Ellen Coomer

Services and Assessment Department.

“Our members realize the importance of giving back to the community,” Rodgers says. “We have a Community Awareness Committee that selects organizations within Lake and Sumter counties to receive our donations.”

Currently, RALSC has over 2200 members.

“In past years, we gave to The Boys and Girls Club, but they’ve expanded to becoming ‘of Central Florida’ and we are dedicated to donating our money locally within the communities we serve.” Rogers says. “This is the first time we have donated to this year’s selected organizations.”

The mission of Families in Transition (FIT) is to guarantee homeless youth receive the same educational services all students are provided to meet today’s academic standards.

Brenda Rodgers, Abby Carr, and Denise Burry

The mission of Forward Paths is to help today’s at-risk youth with positive influences as they grow to independence.

Forward Paths Foundation has taken an exciting step in their pursuit of improving the lives of Lake County’s homeless unaccompanied youth and youth aging out of foster care. The lack of safe and affordable housing is a huge barrier to a youth’s ability to achieve self-sufficiency. The need for secure housing is immediate. The board and staff of Forward Paths developed a strategic plan to address our goals.

The plan includes building a micro community designed to meet the unique needs of these youth. This micro community will host 450-600 sq. ft. cottages for youth, a community room and garden. We believe this micro community will be a beacon of hope for not only the young people but also the community.

“We deeply appreciate this donation,” says Kathy Entler, who works with Kristin McCall as district homeless liaisons for Lake County Schools. “Last year, 2,269 transitional students were identified needing assistance. Since last month, we’ve already identified 600 this year who need hygiene and school supplies. These students are living in double-up living conditions, or motels in the area, and even in tents.”

The mission of Sumter Schools Student Services and Assessment Department includes healthcare, scholarships and much more.