FROM THE PUBLISHER: What’s going on?

Cover_STY_0115I could not be more excited about this month’s issue of Style. There have been many opportunities in past issues where we’ve gotten to share new things happening within the community. Well, this month we share not just one thing that is new, we have eight pages packed full of what is new in Lake and Sumter counties. There is no better way to set the tone for the New Year than to highlight the new and exciting events that are happening in our cities and with our residents.

I have something new to share myself. This past November, my son Michael and his wife, Emily, adopted a child, making me a mimi to little Ethan Michael. He is a dream come true and certainly a blessing sent from heaven. But that is not all. During the course of the adoption, my son’s attorney informed us of another child in need. The attorney was in contact with a pregnant woman who is serving time in prison and due in January. She wanted to place her child up for adoption so the child could avoid being placed in state care until her sentence was fulfilled.

Once I learned about her situation and this child, I could not stop thinking about him or her. I spoke with my husband, Doug, and after lots of praying, lots of discussion, lots of tears we decided we were the best suitable parents for this child. Anyone who knows me would know this came at a very strange time since Doug and I already have four grown children and one who is about to graduate high school. We were almost to the finish line when fate stepped in and now has us right back at the starting line.

I hope you enjoy this month’s issue and we inspire you to share your “new” story.  We would love to know “What’s New” with you.

Happy New Year!


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