Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
4:26 pm EDT
Sun, July 12, 2020

Project Generosity Hosted by Bless Fruitland Park

When the people of a community come together to help, it makes a big difference. Bless Fruitland Park is an ongoing effort made up of individuals, churches, businesses, as well as local civic and social groups in the town. These people are committed to team work to create an atmosphere of partnership and generosity within the community.

Right now, the focus is on Fruitland Park Elementary School, staff, and students. Throughout the summer, Bless Fruitland Park has been raising funds to get needed items not covered by the school budget.

Pastor Sidney Brock, one of the founders of Bless Fruitland Park, says, “In communities like ours, the local school is the center of activity, and we believe that so goes the school, so goes the community.”

Next week, Aug. 13-20, everyone in the community is asked to participate in Project Generosity to contribute money, organize fundraisers, and spread the word through social media contacts. Churches will share with congregations and perhaps take a special offering. Business may offer a one-time financial gift or pick days to share a percentage of earnings with Project Generosity.

Give a little, help a lot with Project Generosity. For more information, contact Amy Painter at 352.516.2812.