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Friday, January 28, 2022

Person of Interest: Ileanne Buigas

Executive director of Lake County Museum of Art cherishes making each show and fundraiser a success to benefit the community.

Photo: Nicole Hamel

Vital Stats

  • Lives in Eustis. 
  • Graduated in graphic design from University of Miami. Also founder of consulting firm
    B Marketing Agency.
  • Family includes husband David Lopez, a teacher; daughters Addy, 26, a teacher in Orlando; and Rachel, 23, art director for the New York Times.
  • Enjoys baking; making macarons is her latest obsession. 

What I enjoy about my job: I love turning over the shows. Being able to put new artwork up on the walls is the best day of each one. My brother, George Buigas, and I are the ones who put the shows up and it’s fun. It’s great to work with him at the museum doing what we like. It really is a family affair. 

Fun museum events: Our Bubbles & Brews, featuring four watercolor artists, was fantastic, and we had a great summer camp. Knowing that not every school has art, we want to be able to bring it to the community.

Favorite artist: I like modern and I’m much into Romero Britto, a modern Brazilian painter. He paints with a lot of bright colors. I have a few of his pieces at home, and I really love his work.

Creative family: My uncle used to paint, and one of my favorite memories was watching my grandfather sketch pictures of my grandmother. It was so neat; my brother and I have a couple of the sketches. 

More about me: I am a doer. I have to be busy, and I want to please people. I always want to help, I want to make things smooth, and I want everybody happy, but it doesn’t always work. It’s hard for me to say “no” when it’s for a good cause. 

On my bucket list: To travel more. Even little trips of visiting New York because my youngest daughter is there.

Best advice: Tomorrow is another day. Even when things go wrong, you get to start over tomorrow.  

Best compliment: I am constantly being told that every show looks different and that they love it. It really makes me feel good because the museum can’t be boring.

Guilty pleasure: Reality TV. I’m all hooked on the “Housewives” shows.

What I want people to know about the museum: We’re here! 

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