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3:01 pm EDT
Sun, July 12, 2020

Perfect pizza?

The ink was barely dry on my Hot List of favorite people, places and things when I found reason to revive it.

My quandary was spawned by an email from Leigh Love, who let me know that her wonderful Mount Dora restaurant, PizzAmore, would be my favorite pizza place if I gave it a chance.

And then she offered me the chance.

Naturally, I agreed. In fact, there was never a possibility I wouldn’t visit PizzAmore. I love pizza. How much so? I fill the shopping cart when Totino’s crispy crust is marked down to 99 cents!

I’m here to tell you that the pies at PizzAmore will never be confused with Totino’s!

The crust was wonderfully chewy and crispy at the same time, the sauce and cheese complimented each other like Fred and Ginger, and the toppings — some of them locally grown — exploded with flavor.

But PizzAmore is more than incredible pies. Leigh and partner Jesse Thomas offer a truly unique antipasto kabob that features homemade mozzarella and a sweet Italian sausage that is as delicious as it is colorful.

And the creme brûlée was absolutely amazing — larger than most restaurants offer and wonderfully crispy and creamy.

PizzAmore is definitely in contention for my favorite pizza … and favorite restaurant. It’s smallish, but the atmosphere is neighborly. You want to take your time and enjoy the journey — especially if Leigh is working the floor. She’s adorable.

I’ll definitely go back to try the calzones, spaghetti and other dishes.

Meanwhile, I’d better revisit Tony’s in Eustis and Mom and Dad’s in Lady Lake. It’s been a while. I need to make sure they’re still in PizzAmore’s league. Or is there someone else who has a fantastic pizza I’ve overlooked?

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