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2:41 am EDT
Monday, October 26, 2020

‘Ozzie and Harriet’ 2017

We don’t exactly fit the mold of TV’s Nelsons.

Those of us of a certain age remember the long-running sitcom, “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.” The show was on television for 14 years with a total of 435 episodes. In comparison, “Seinfeld” aired 180 episodes. The Nelsons were one of America’s most beloved families.

I try to think of my Richard and myself in Ozzie and Harriet mode, but the picture just doesn’t quite fit. For one thing, I’ve never worn an apron over a dress and high heels at home. I remember my mother berating me for my bell bottoms in 1969, and she still complains that I haven’t worn a dress since 2001.

The only thing Richard has in common with Ozzie is his puttering around the house. There was never any distinctive job given to Ozzie, but he always had time for those heart-to-heart talks with the boys about their problems in school or how to ask that special girl to prom.

What makes me think of Richard in terms of Ozzie is that my husband is always “puttering,” “tinkering,” or “installing” just like Ozzie did. Being an avid reader and writer, I tend to be more sedentary.

We’re both still working full time, which is good for his health because some Saturdays he comes close to death and doesn’t even realize it. Like a couple of weeks ago when he came through my living room with a wheelbarrow of dirt headed to the backyard.

You read correctly.

When I questioned him, rather tersely, about his action, he seemed shocked. “It’s just shorter this way,” was his explanation.

The beauty and curse of owning a home is there’s always work to be done. However, much of that work is being ignored while my husband does things like installing security cameras inside the garage and in his ham radio room. Is that to keep me out or just so he can view his “precious” toys without leaving the comfort of his bedroom?

I read an article recently that said the most anyone ever saw Ozzie do was go out for ice cream. I’m not sure that’s necessary, but I do encourage Richard to go to the home improvement stores every Saturday. Fortunately, he can roam around in those for hours.

I’m just not sure I’ll be able to get him to do it every day when—or if—I retire.