Age 15/ Villages Charter School / Student Philanthropist

How do you give back? I’m a student volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club of Lake and Sumter counties for almost two years. I help around the club, clean up, help kids with their homework, and help Mrs. Tonya with anything she needs. I plan to go by in the summertime, too, a couple hours a week.

What’s your favorite part? Interacting with the kids. Playing board games with them and watching movies.

What other groups or activities are you involved in? I’m a part of Key Club; we do community service. We have DCM projects, too, where we go to schools and clean them up and even paint. I’m also baseball manager for my school and I dance. We do performances every three months.

What does your future look like? I want to be accepted into a really good college. I would like to go to Stanford, so I juggle good grades and community service. I want to major in education—I like the idea of helping kids and having an impact on how they learn.

Favorite Book? “To Kill A Mockingbird”

Biggest influence?
My dad is my biggest inspiration because he teaches me a lot and he’s always there for me.

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