onesies of a kind

Actress Megan Boone, daughter of Jennifer Parr of The Villages, was stunned at the amount of gifts she received for her new baby, Caroline, in April 2016.

Dealing with the recycling and donation piles as baby Caroline grew made Megan think about the environmental impact of all this.

Like her visionary family, the founders of The Villages, she took it a step further and decided to create a line of onesies that are safe for baby and environment friendly. “The Blacklist” TV star also made sure they could be passed on with no problem because they all have unisex colors and messages on them.

And finally, this is a fundraising project with all proceeds going to Earthjustice, a nonprofit law organization whose sole purpose is tackling environmental issues.

Most recently, the firm has worked on matters related to the Dakota pipeline and the Flint, Michigan, water issue.