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No Patient Left Behind | Unova Hip & Knee Center

Removing Obstacles to Minimally Invasive Outpatient Total Hip and Knee Replacements

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When you are in pain, nothing else seems to matter. When it is your hip or knee that brings the pain, everything from walking to getting up out of a chair can seem brutal. For many adults, surgery may be the only option for relieving that pain. 

Determining if a patient can or should be eligible for pain-relieving surgery is a decision that should be made by a patient only after consultation with his/her doctor. 

While patients with complicated health concerns have been overlooked in the past, two local orthopedic surgeons are working hard to change that reality. The forward-thinking physicians at UNOVA Hip & Knee Center have developed a comprehensive Patient Partnership Program to ensure every patient has an equal opportunity at hip or knee replacement.

Reforming Patient Care Through Choice

As the aging population of Americans grows, adjustments must be made to the way healthcare services are managed and provided. One of those major changes rolled out last year when Medicare allowed total knee replacement surgery to be eligible for payment in the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) setting as of January 1, 2020. On January 1, 2021, Medicare added total hip replacements to its approved outpatient ASC list.  

Thomas McCoy, M.D. and Jeffrey Mandume Kerina, M.D., orthopedic surgeons leading the UNOVA Hip & Knee Center in Lady Lake, Florida, are optimistic about these changes and what they mean for total joint replacement candidates. Drs. Kerina and McCoy have been performing outpatient joint replacement surgery since 2008, longer than most orthopedic surgeons in the country. 

The majority of patients who require joint replacement surgery are covered by Medicare, however until recently they were not permitted to have their surgeries performed in outpatient centers. Drs. Kerina and McCoy’s extensive experience allowed them to immediately begin offering this service to their Medicare patients when this changed for total knee in 2000 and total hip in 2001. Now, 90% of UNOVA Hip & Knee Center’s Medicare total joint replacement candidates are done in a freestanding outpatient surgery center.

The Practice

NOVA Hip & Knee Center located in Lady Lake, Florida, specializes exclusively in the treatment of hip and knee disorders. The team strives to minimize pain, increase mobility and improve performance through both nonsurgical and surgical modalities. 

The Center delivers remarkable outcomes using a personalized care strategy. 

“We believe each patient is unique. Our processes and procedures are modifiable giving every patient the opportunity to access outpatient arthroplasty, even those with other health conditions.,” states Dr. Kerina. 

By combining a comprehensive Patient Partnership Program, technologically advanced outpatient surgical techniques and implants, and access to a team of hand-picked orthopedic leaders, UNOVA empowers patients to continue participating in an active and healthy lifestyle.

Patients work with staff members who have been chosen for their positive attitude, motivational skills, and desire to provide outstanding service. At UNOVA Hip & Knee, services include but are not limited to surgery, imaging, therapy, pre- and post-operative care, including home care coordination. Personalized patient care is comprehensive and often involves working with both patients and their families spanning the pre-, peri- and post-operative periods. 

We promise to give you outstanding personalized care by addressing your needs while striving to meet our shared expectations.

The Providers: Dr. Thomas McCoy & Dr. Jeffrey Mandume Kerina

UNOVA Hip & Knee Center is led by two world-class orthopedic surgeons, Dr. Thomas McCoy and Dr. Jeffrey Mandume Kerina, both known for their contribution to surgical advancements in their field. Together the board-certified orthopedic surgeons bring a combined 63+ years of hip and knee replacement specialization, completing more than 35,000 hip and knee replacement surgeries. 

Desire to Put Patient Care First

Drs. McCoy and Kerina bonded over their strong desire to deliver individualized care for the local population and have a passion for continually improving “the process.” As Dr. Kerina likes to point out, “having surgery is a process, not a procedure. It is our job to make sure patients are:

  • in their best physical, functional, and mental state before surgery,
  • provided a one-of-a-kind, patient-tailored, surgical approach to maximize outcomes, minimize complications and foster long-term success, and
  • have access to a team of orthopedic leaders offering exceptional, continuous care that leads to increased mobility, strength and longevity.”

Dr. Thomas Hatton McCoy, orthopedic surgeon, has performed more than 24,000 hip and knee replacements throughout his career, Dr. McCoy is arguably one of the most experienced practicing orthopedic surgeons in the country. He is well known and respected amongst his peers, having been one of the founders of the largest private orthopedic practice in the country, OrthoCarolina, and trained more than forty hip and knee surgery fellows, many of whom have gone on to establish themselves as leaders in the field of orthopedics. 

He has championed the kinematically aligned total knee replacement and is the first surgeon to introduce this tissue-sparing total knee technique to Lake, Sumter, and Marion counties.

Dr. McCoy, in partnership with some of the world’s largest medical device manufacturers, designs and develops new orthopedic surgical techniques, instruments, and implants. He played a pivotal role in developing the Quadra-P total hip stem with his European colleagues at Medacta International and was the first surgeon in the United States to implant the hip stem, and the first surgeon in the world to implant the Quadra-P cemented stem.

Dr. J. Mandume Kerina has been an orthopedic surgeon in private practice in Lake County, Florida since 1993, spending his full practice life in the community. Serving what started out as a rural farming community and watching it grow into a vital community of vibrant seniors. He is the founder of the UNOVA Hip & Knee Center.

“We are entrusted to take care of a very special segment of the population here in Central Florida, our seniors over the age of sixty-five. It is imperative that we do all we can to ensure our patients’ safety, while delivering the best possible outcomes to maintain both their health and quality of life,” stated Dr. Kerina.  

Using an individualized, patient-centered, research-based approach, Dr. Kerina focuses on improving both the outcomes and quality of life of his patients. He also works to reduce waste in the delivery of care—lowering both the cost of care and preserving resources.   

Advanced Surgical Techniques for Hip and Knee Replacements

The Hip and Knee Center team is experienced at performing the most advanced techniques and procedures for joint replacement surgeries including:

  • Outpatient Total Hip/Total Knee Replacement
  • Opioid/Narcotic-Free Anesthesia & Recovery
  • Direct Anterior Approach for Total Hip Replacement
  • Kinematic Alignment for Total Knee Replacement
  • High-Performance Partial Knee Replacement

Hip Replacements

Hip replacements performed at UNOVA Hip & Knee utilize an anterior intermuscular pathway. This technique is minimally invasive and tissue sparing, allowing for minimalized pain and scarring, as well as faster recovery times.

Knee Replacements

Kinematic Alignment Knee Replacement Surgery resurfaces arthritic or damaged knees through a technique that allows surgeons to replicate the knee’s natural pre-disease alignment and orientation.

High-Performance Partial Knee/Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

The minimally invasive high performance partial knee replacement is designed for patients who have bone on bone arthritis in one compartment of the knee without relief from standard non-surgical treatments. Partial knee replacement uses a smaller incision than a total knee replacement because only the damaged bone and cartilage are removed. All the normal cartilage, bone, ligaments, and tendons are left in place.

Sherry D. | 54 years old


Why did you pick UNOVA Hip & Knee Center?

Initially I had a referral for Dr. Kerina, so I did A LOT of research online because I wanted to make sure he was the right surgeon. His reviews were outstanding. He is almost a 5-Star doctor, which you don’t see often, if ever.

What issues/challenges were you having before surgery? 

I had become very complacent. I had been limping for two years, and it hurt to even walk.

How was your actual surgery? 

Surgery was fine. I was very happy to come home and recover in my own home. I was in surgery at 8:45a.m. and home before 2:00p.m. the same day. I had only had one major surgery before this and I had to recover in a hospital. I did not care for that at all.

And with Dr. Kerina’s surgery, I didn’t have to take pain pills. I don’t do well with pain pills, I get pains in my stomach and lightheaded. So I was very glad I could recover without them.

How are you moving around now compared to before surgery? 

I can walk with no cane! I have a little swelling in my ankle, but that can last up to one year.  I’m only six weeks post op, so I think it will continue to get better. 

I am 100% glad I had this surgery done. Everyday life was bad before surgery, especially socializing and exercising. I may not be 100% cured after six weeks, but I am getting there.

Any advice for people who are thinking of getting surgery? 

Do not wait! It makes a world of difference.

Kathleen O. | 72 years old

TOTAL HIP REPLACEMENT: right-side January 2021, left-side November 2021

Why did you pick UNOVA Hip & Knee Center?

I was referred to Dr. McCoy. I liked him as soon as I met him. I trusted him from the start. I was impressed with his knowledge and demeanor.

What issues/challenges were you having before surgery? 

I was in a lot of pain. I put the first one (surgery) on hold, but when I met Dr. McCoy, I knew right away I could do it. I had pain, but as soon as I had the surgery, the pain was gone.

How was your actual surgery? What surprised you most about the surgery?

My biggest surprise was that right after surgery I could stand up and there was no pain. It was wonderful. There was still some surgical discomfort, but that quickly went away.

How did you feel after surgery? 

I felt fine after surgery. I was in and out. I went in early in the morning, and by the afternoon I was home. They coordinated in-home care for me. It was excellent care.

How are you moving around now compared to before surgery? 

I can take a walk and I don’t limp anymore. I can walk 2000 steps a day without limping. It’s wonderful.

Any advice for people who are thinking of getting surgery? 

I recommend it to every person I see limping. There is some pain to go through after surgery, but well worth it.

Start your journey to pain free living. 

Schedule your consult today. | (888) 847-4895 | 539 ROLLING ACRES RD, LADY LAKE, FL 32159

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