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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Newcomers and Friends Club Celebrates Anniversary

Members of the Newcomers’ and Friends’ Social Club enjoying lunch at Moss Gate Bed & Breakfast.

Margie Lamb moved to Florida from Texas in 1988 and decided she wanted to be in a women’s group like the one she’d enjoyed in Texas. She met Elaine Basch and together they started Triangle Newcomers’ Club, which is now known as Newcomers’ and Friends’ Social Club.

Margie Lamb and Kathleen Tucker-Perez

“It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life,” Margie says. ” I have so many wonderful I made over the past 30 years. God bless us all.”

There were 55 ladies at the first luncheon, and at one time the group grew to around 300. They’ve broken off into small groups like the Mid-Westerners, the Boat Club, the Cribbage players, five Euchre groups, the Red Hots (Red Hat Society), and even a Travel Group that makes trips regularly.

Jean Gardia says, “When they first started, you could only stay two years, but people wanted to stay, so they stopped that.”

The Newcomers’ and Friends’ Social Club meets the first Tuesday of each month and they now have around 100 members. Sometimes these luncheons will have a theme, such as Hat Day for Easter when they all wore their lovely bonnets.

“You don’t need to be new to town to be a member,” says Kathleen Tucker Perez, who handles public relations for the group.

Each year the group picks a charity and raises money for it. In years past, they’ve donated to Angel Flight, Sunrise House, and many others.

When the club treasury needed a little help, the ladies held a garage sale and made more than $1,000. The items that didn’t sell were donated to the Sozo Kids and the Humane Society.

“We even sold a cement mixer!” Margie says.

“A lot of people that came to the garage sale were interested in our group,” Kathleen says.

There are no meetings during July, August, and September, but monthly meetings are held the rest of the year. For information about joining the group, contact Kathleen at

Don’t worry, husbands are not left out, and they call themselves the ROMEOs–Retired Old Men Eating Out.