Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
12:10 am EST
Tuesday, March 2, 2021

New life for bucket truck 

Instead of retiring a bucket truck from its fleet, SECO Energy has donated it to Lake-Sumter State College to give hands-on experience to students earning associate of science degrees in electrical distribution technology.

A material handler bucket increases crew productivity and safety, and it’s also the primary method of installing transformers and other pole top equipment, according to a press release from LSSC.

“SECO helped finance the inception of the college’s electric utility lineworker program, from which a number of our employees graduated,” Jim Duncan, CEO of SECO, says in the release. He also notes the timing is perfect since many of SECO’s techs with more than 30 years’ experience are starting to retire. “We want to replace them with local students who want to stay in the area, work for a competitive, growing company, and raise their families here. For that reason, we felt that breathing new life into our partnership with Lake-Sumter State College with the truck donation was a sound investment.”