Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
7:32 am EDT
Sunday, October 25, 2020

Never a dull moment

Many people think January is a bit of a downer after all the celebration and fellowship of the holidays. We at Style have to disagree this year. 2018 is going to be a year of change and growth for Lake and Sumter counties.

When we began working on this issue, we thought we’d just list a few places, people, and changes in our area. We had no idea it would be a major project for our writers to be certain we got everything that’s happening this year in one magazine.

The growth and developments in both counties are occurring on an almost-daily basis. In almost every town, there are signs indicating new businesses, housing developments, restaurants, and sports. Have you tried playing disc golf yet? No clubs, but plenty of hazards.

I’ve been in Lake County all my life, and it gives me immense pride to see it becoming a place with such energy and progress. Sumter County is doing the same. When we see our counties working hard to increase businesses and jobs, and to provide a stable place to live and raise a family, we know we’re living in a good place.

I also like to see the new year as a clean page where I can write my own story for the next 365 days. I want to set reachable goals with a sense of well-being and great expectation. I want to create my world so that my work and my family are in harmony without one overriding the other.

I’m also thrilled at the thought of what will happen with Lake & Sumter Style in the upcoming months. Our editorial calendar is filled with interesting—and entertaining—ideas. Look for an issue offering suggestions for travel from here to any part of our state or another part of the world. Thinking about some renovating or updating your home? Watch for the do-it-yourself issue.

Of course, we’ll always have our favorites during the year—Business Women and Men of Style, the Hot Issue, and Extraordinary People.

We’re already at work on these great stories and look forward to sharing with you the people, places, events, and excellent restaurants that make these two Central Florida counties the best places in Florida to live.

To the new year,

Kendra Akers