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01:53 pm
21 March 2019

Musical ‘Company’ shines at Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol

Studio Theatre Tierra del Sol in The Villages continues to do what it does so well—bringing stellar, enjoyable entertainment to the stage in an intimate setting that allows the audience to feel a part of the experience.

A talented cast of 14 shines in Stephen Sondeim’s seven-time Tony Award-winning musical, “Company,” which offers a mature, funny, honest, and thought-provoking look at modern adult relationships.

Chris Crawford excels in the lead role of confirmed bachelor Robert, aka “Bobby Baby,” and on the night of his 35th birthday, he questions if he should stay single or pursue a romantic partner and marriage. Over a series of dinners and drinks, Bobby’s friends, “those good and crazy married people,” as he calls them, explain the pros and cons of taking on a spouse.

Audience members are bound to see a reflection of themselves in at least one or two of his friends.

His dear friends: Sarah and Harry (Vallea E. Woodbury and Jason Goedken); Susan and Peter (Chantelle Cognevich and Craig Allen); Jenny and David (Monica Titus and David Paul Rowan); Amy and Paul (Whitney Morse and Nicu Brouillette); and Joanne and Larry (Meghan Moroney and Sean Cullen Carroll). There are also temporary girlfriends in Bobby’s life: April (Kayla Fischl), a naive flight attendant; Marta (Jordan Leigh McCaskill), who’s hip and raves about New York; and Kathy Rachel Whittington), his longtime on-and-off again girlfriend.

The musical is filled with catchy songs, “The Little Things You Do Together,” “Sorry-Grateful,” “You Could Drive a Person Crazy,” “Marry Me a Little,” “Have I Got a Girl for You,” and one of the most adorable scenes is when Amy has cold feet and frantically paces about and rattles off a list of petty reasons why she is not “Getting Married Today.” She works herself into tears as to why she can’t marry Paul, so Bobby suddenly proposes marriage to her. His words jolt Amy back into reality, and with the parting words “you need to marry some body, not just some body,” she realizes what a good thing she has in Paul, and she rushes off to find and marry him.

One amusing scene is after Bobby brings April back to his apartment for a nightcap following a date. April tells him of an experience from her past, involving the death of a butterfly; he counters with an obvious fabricated story geared to put her in the mood to succumb to seduction.

The audience is bound to sense Bobby’s pain in his breakthrough breakdown near the end of the show. He’s fearful of being alone, and he sings openly and with emotion about the dangers he perceives in marriage, which is followed by him finally admitting his strong desire for love and a meaningful relationship with someone with whom to face the challenge of “Being Alive.”

“Company” runs through March 4, yet all shows are sold out.

Still to come this season is “Red,” which runs March 20 to April 22, and seats are available for this production. The theater is located at 806 San Marino Dive, The Villages. Call 352.751.7799 or visit