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9:13 pm EDT
Tue, July 7, 2020

Most Wanted!


 Help us find the area’s most eligible singles! Still reeling from last season’s Bachelorette? Need more? Stop the moping and waiting, Style has a worthy distraction.

While decisions have been made, some hearts have been bruised — mainly your own poor lacerated one due to Kaitlyn’s emotional whiplash — and ABC takes their break from “The Bachelor(ette),” things are kicking up at Style; we are looking for Lake and Sumter Counties’ Most Eligible Person among the community’s very own bachelors and bachelorettes. And the best part is you get first and final say. The rose is in your hands.

Whatever happened to the days where we pushed our unwedded guys and gals, scared and flinching, into the spotlight? Come on, we’re southern after all! We can’t be so far removed from cotillions and county balls. True, we usually had the kindly conniving motive of putting their “singledom” behind them, but what’s the harm of continuing to celebrate these eligible men and women of quality?

At Style, we want to recognize these individuals for their wonderful accomplishments and shining characters, not as products on the market, but as worthy representation of our communities. It doesn’t hurt to be a little boastful, especially when we have so many doing good for our area, and so many hometown heroes doing us proud in larger arenas as well. Let’s call those persons out.

What is Style looking for? Your friends, your neighbors. Your son, your sister. Any man or woman who is, well… single. Yes, “all the single ladies,” and you “solitary men,” it’s time to step into the spotlight. We can’t guarantee you a 15 percent increase in suitors, but we would like to make an offer of the community’s recognition.


A potential candidate calls Lake or Sumter home and has something about them, or many somethings, that makes them standout; whether he’s sweeter than stolen honey, or she’s bright as a new penny.

We will be taking nominations for our first Most Eligible Person through October 15. To nominate someone for this honor, all you have to do is mosey on over and click this link. The names of the top 20 contenders, 10 bachelors and 10 bachelorettes, will then be published to the website.

But the fun doesn’t end there; on November 11, you’ll get to meet the top 20 at a Singles Mingle hosted by Akers Media, right in our home at the Leesburg Opera House. Expect good old southern hospitality and a room full of swoon worthy ladies and gentlemen. Once you’ve met them all, you can make your decision. Casting your ballot for your favorite bachelor/bachelorette will increase their chances. Ballots will be combined with the online voting, and a Most Eligible Person will be named.

So what’s it worth to you? Well it’s not all vanity and appeasing your southern momma. It actually pays! The winner of our Most Eligible Person honor will receive a weekend stay at Mission Inn, the home of two renowned golf courses and the Marbella Spa, as well as $500. That’s right, 500 smackeroos, you can take that southern momma to dinner.

The winner will also grace the December cover of Style. Victory is sweet, isn’t it? But so is second place, and 10th. The top 19 finalists will not be left out; they will be featured in the issue as well. And all you need to be is single? Sounds like a real nice set up.

Nominations accepted through October 15 … Enter today!



About the Author

Michelle was born in the heat of South Florida, but has called Lake County “home” for the last 9 years. Latching on to the idea that “if you want to be a little bit of everything, be a writer,” Michelle found her focus in a Leesburg high school Journalism class. Fascinated by the model of a renaissance man, she has since had her hand in many areas such as dance, travel, food, film, theatre, history, as well as costuming and Fashion design. But Michelle’s focus has always been the written word. While garnering a Bachelor’s degree In English Literature from Flagler College in St. Augustine, Fl, she was a part of The International English Honors society, Sigma Tau Delta and a regular contributor to the literary zine, Paperfinger. She is now, at 24, nearing the end of her Master’s program In English & Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University, with a particular interest in poetry and the Romantics. As many of her interests are culturally fueled, she finds it important to fully absorb the world around and let her writing reflect these varied influences. Also believing “lower standards will lower the culture,” Michelle aims to keep standards high in her writing by being in tune with the community. She is ecstatic to be associated with the quality people and publications at Aker’s Media Group, who have their finger on the pulse of the community.


  • Everything seems to check out ok on our end, Thene, but thanks for letting us know.
    You can either click on the “CLICK THIS LINK” that’s under the photo of the man holding the rose, or on the “Style Singles” that is on the top right of any page on our website. To make it even easier, just click here
    Thanks for reading Lake and Sumter Style!

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