Lake and Sumter Style Magazine
8:28 pm EST
Friday, January 15, 2021

Mike Sparks | 37


Occupation: Owner of Central Florida Roof Rescue.

Bet you didn’t know: U.S. Army Reservist and an excellent ice skater.

Describe yourself: Loyal, compassionate, determined, and honest.

Most difficult aspect of being a roofer: Predicting the weather.

Love for your profession: Doing labor with my crews, being a civilian, serving the community, and helping people in need.

Greatest career accomplishment: Being able to support families by providing employment.

Pet peeve: Weather and time management.

Advice to your younger self: Don’t hold back, don’t settle for ordinary, and never stop improving.

Philosophy of life: “Try to always leave things better than you found them.”

If I had $5 million: I’d start another business to employ veterans.

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