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12:06 am EDT
Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Mike Chavis, Windows Manager – Ro-Mac Lumber & Supply

How can I tell if the windows in my home are not energy efficient and need to be replaced?

Energy codes for windows have been updated over the last few years. Today, more than ever, having energy efficient windows in your home is very important to help you save money on power bills as well as for your home’s resale value.

The best way to tell if your windows are not energy efficient is by taking the Touch Test, which requires no special training or tools to conduct. Simply go to the windows in your home and touch the frame and glass. If both the frame and glass match the temperature outside, then you have old, energy inefficient windows. On a hot summer’s day old, inefficient windows feel hot to the touch and on those few cold days in Florida, the glass and frame will feel cold; instead, they should feel room temperature.

Another way to tell if you have old, energy inefficient aluminum windows is to look for sweat—not sweat on you, but your windows. On cooler nights, old aluminum windows will sweat and homeowners will usually see a puddle of moisture on the window sill or running down the drywall. It is the same theory as a cold soda can sweating on a kitchen table. Over time, this moisture can create rot and mold problems in the wall and drywall below the window.

Just like cars, all windows are not the same. You should be wary of companies offering just one brand because many times energy efficiency is compromised. At Ro-Mac Windows, we carry a wide variety of window manufacturers, including MI/BetterBilt, CWS, PGT, Kolbe, Andersen, EAS, Pella, and Silverline—in all types of shapes, styles, and energy efficiencies.

Having choices is the first step in selecting great replacement windows that will look great and meet Florida’s tough, new energy codes.

If you would like more information on windows, call Mike Chavis and his skilled team at Ro-Mac Windows at 352-314-3164 or stop by their showroom and office at 700 East Main Street in Leesburg.

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