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Q. What are the advantages of a whole home water system?

A. A whole home water system treats all the water that enters your home. This system is connected to the home’s main water line, either city or well, and then it removes any chlorine, hardness, or other chemicals in city water, or any hardness, iron, and other potential impurities in well water. 

Luckily, we have units that can purify the water from either source, city or well. EcoWater Systems, which has been around since 1925 and has served North Florida since 1976, sells units that have the fewest moving parts and use the least amount of salt in the industry.

The main advantage of using a whole home water system is purification for cleaner, healthier water. The removal of impurities is an advantage in the cooking and consumption of food and beverages. A lot of people consider the purchase of a whole home water system to be an enhancement of their quality of life. Depending on where you live, it also can be a necessity to remove certain levels of chlorine or impurities in the water.

Other advantages include the protection of your appliances, and the extended life of your clothes by taking out chlorine or hardness in the water during washing. One of the first signs that people may have hard water, for city or well, is when they see a film on their shower glass door or on the glasses in their dishwasher. Hard water eventually can cause issues with coffee pots, for example, or tankless hot water heaters. This whole water system can prevent buildup of calcium and protect appliances. 

The quality of well water can potentially be a moving target, with aquifers changing due to excessive rain or excessive drought. We recommend that people get their wells tested at least once a year. You also should get your water tested if there are warning signs such as someone getting sick or a difference in the taste, smell, or clarity of the water.

We conduct testing through our sister company, Marion County Water Test Lab, which is state certified and monitored. Our technicians can pull a sample from your well, or you can use sterile bottles and bring a sample to us. Based on the test results, we make recommendations. 

A whole home water system ensures cleaner water, a better quality of life, protection of appliances and clothes, and a cost savings on cleaning supplies. So homeowners receive a definite payback when they purchase a whole home water system.

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