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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

A Merry Christmas Gift Guide

Gift-GuideOnly a few more prime shopping days remain, so don’t just sit there. Let Style’s local and not-so-local gift guide help you pick the perfect presents this holiday season.

chocolatesChocolates from Russell Stover Candies

Sweets for your sweetie don’t have to be just for Valentine’s Day or when you’re in the doghouse. And luckily for us, we have access to the coolest confectionary collection right here in Sumter County.

At the Russell Stover store in Wildwood, you can browse the candy kitchen for handmade treats, such as hand-dipped chocolate-covered strawberries, gourmet caramel apples, multiple varieties of nut clusters and more. Or customize a box with your sweetheart’s favorite chocolates by the piece or pound; it will surely make you the most popular (and most hated) husband on the block.

ultimate_survivorUltimate Survivor Kit in a Water Bottle

This may be the perfect gift for that friend who’s watched too many episodes of “The Walking Dead.”

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, this survival kit contains a multifunction tool, multifunction whistle/compass, 20-piece first-aid kit, mini-flashlight and batteries, survival blanket, hand-warmer packets, carabiner (whatever that is), tea candle, fire starter, emergency poncho and reusable zipper-lock bag. And it all comes conveniently packed in a 32-ounce BPA-free water bottle. It’s available at Unfortunately, no sword or crossbow is included.

icoffeeiCoffee Steam Brew Coffee Maker by Remington

For the java junkie in your life, the iCoffee may be the best gift ever. Equipped with six fancy rotational water jets, the iCoffee evenly steams and stirs coffee grounds to produce a smooth, robust cup of coffee that rivals anything at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

Remington, the company behind the iCoffee, claims the machine extracts more coffee flavor than a traditional drip coffeemaker and eliminates that bitter aftertaste coffee drinkers loathe but have learned to tolerate.

If you’re looking to buy local, the iCoffee is available at KaDee Kay in Mount Dora. But it will cost a pretty penny: $149.95

Cubicle Guest Book

A perfect gift for the employee who everyone makes time to visit. This workday tome ($15, is a great way to ahve your cubicle visitors look busy even if they’re just shooting the breeze or spreading the day’s juicy office gossip.

With thought-provoking prompts and ample doodle space, it’s a hilarious way to keep coworkers visiting over and over again. After all, who doesn’t love entertaining an office visitor?

wineclubWine Club at Vineyards of the World

If you know someone who enjoys a good merlot or a crisp chardonnay, consider enrolling him or her into the wine club at Vineyards of the World in Clermont. For the amateur drinker, the Wine Culture membership ($31 plus tax monthly) allows participants to enjoy two bottles of wine each month carefully picked by sommeliers Derek Rodriguez or Thomas Hemmings.

However, if you have a wine and beer connoisseur your hands, the Ultimate Culture membership ($65 plus tax monthly) includes two premium bottles of wine per month, or one exclusive wine each month, and four bottles of craft beer. For more information, visit

Seaplane Ride for Two at Jones Brothers & Co.

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones where people can get away from it all, even if it’s just for a few minutes. In Tavares, the Jones Brothers & Co. offers seaplane adventures that range from a simple 10-minute tour of Tavares to a 70-minute eco tour of the St. Johns River and DeLeon Springs.

For the couple that have it all, give them the gift of exploration. Nothing can be more fun than discovering what’s in your own backyard.

Prices are subject to change; find current pricing at

Sandwich-makerHamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Who doesn’t love a breakfast sandwich? It’s delicious, it’s portable and it’s a great excuse to eat bacon.

Therefore, why not give someone special a breakfast sandwich maker that takes the guesswork — or work period — out of assembling these delicious morning treats.

In just five minutes, the machine can churn out a homemade bacon, egg and cheese sandwich that will have you skipping those pesky, early-morning fast-food lines. And at $24 on, it’s also reasonably priced.

My_Quotable_KidCustom My Quotable Kid Book

Art Linkletter always did a great job reminding us that kids indeed say the darnedest things. However, with this customizable book ($40,, your friend or family members can relive their little one’s most quotable moments, both adorable and embarrassing, over and over again. It’s also perfect ammunition for sheer humiliation during those formative teenage years.

VIETRIVietri Dinnerware

For the hostess with really good taste, Vietri dinnerware will be a gift that keeps on giving. It’s great to use for both formal and casual get-togethers, and because it features such intricate designs and rich glazes, the pieces are gorgeous to look at even when they’re not in use.

While Vietri is made in Italy, you can buy it here in downtown Leesburg at Alada’s China & Gifts. However, prices vary depending on which line piques your interest.

Baby-Q-Rib-TeetherBaby-Q Rib Teether

So what if your best friend’s baby doesn’t have his teeth yet? That doesn’t mean he should have to wait before sinking his teeth into some fine barbecue ribs, even if they are made out of silicone. It is the South after all.

These “appeteethers” made by Little Toader ($9.99–$12.99, provide the perfect amount of resistance to help soothe a baby’s sore gums while making adults smile in amusement.

The baby not too keen on pork? They also have Broccoli Bites, Chompin Chicken Wing, Liquorice Bracelets, and Baconease.

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