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11:06 pm EDT
Sunday, September 26, 2021


MAV0914-Frank_GraceNoteworthy achievement: I worked for the Bell Telephone Co. for 30 years and retired as public relations director of Pacific Bell. Today, I am the festival roundup editor for the publication American Rag and the communications consultant for the Association of Mature American Citizens. However, my proudest achievement is marrying Sue, my wife of 51 years. We have two children and two grandchildren.

Favorite travel destination: New Orleans. The city has great food, music and cultural history. With such a variety of restaurants and music clubs, you need to spend several days in the city to take it all in. I’ve also attended six Mardi Gras events. I enjoy the excitement, uniqueness and thrill.

Collection: Sue and I were co-owners and operators of Grace’s Books and Records in downtown Leesburg. Today, we have more than 3,000 books in our home neatly placed on bookshelves in the guest bedroom, garage and even our bathroom. We also maintain a collection of vinyl LP jazz records that are framed and hanging on the walls of our home.

Favorite authors: I am a fan of mystery writers James Patterson and Lee Child. Both write in a succinct, intriguing manner that makes it hard to put down their books. I also like James Michener, who had a fascinating way of combining fictional stories centered on historical events.

Famous people you met: As assistant secretary for the California Health and Welfare Agency, I was on staff with Gov. Ronald Reagan. He was an extremely genuine person and never micromanaged his staff.

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