Meet the Chiropractic USA Pros

“Corrective care is the key factor in returning to Good Health. Getting adjusted in rhythm is the pathway to a Good Life”, says Dr. Renny Edelson co- founder, developer and head coach of ChiropracticUSA of Florida. 

This group of chiropractors train together to deliver the greatest changes in a very predictable way. The systems move practice members from skeptics to believers by showing before and after results with the use of state of the art diagnostic tools rarely used in the profession. These tools allow them to accurately document the functional loss of the individual and track the increase in performance. In addition, they also have the most powerful cold laser only found in the training facilities of professional and collegiate sports and a couple of the top Orthopedic Surgeons in Marion County. These modalities are used to mitigate common injuries such as those arising from athletic lifestyles, and repeated occupational hazards. Many local primary physicians refer more severe injuries, like those resulting from motor vehicle accidents, to chiropracticUSA.

Dr. Edelson has been in the game for 33 years and isn’t going away anytime soon. His team of highly trained doctors: Dr. Gary Brodeur, heading out The Villages office, Dr. Hector Andino, heading out the office in Fort Lauderdale; where Dr. Edelson was the past president of the Chiropractic Society as well as the past Chiropractor for the Miami Dolphins and The Florida Panthers, Dr. Dania Mercado has been working for several years alongside of Dr. Edelson and the recent addition of Dr. Jessica Perhealth and Dr. Phillip Roger whom in Dr. Edelson’s opinion are the Best of the Best in Chiropractic Physicians are all ready to serve you. Dr. Edelson says, “We train full time and see patients in between trainings.”

It is very clear when you walk into any of the ChiropracticUSA offices you will be greeted by caring professionals who will have you tour the facility and help make the process easy. Dr. Edelson stated, “The solution report or report of findings is both informative and educational, designed to show the potential practice member the road back to health and is the most important visit in our office”.

Workshops are standing room only every month on different body symptoms or what Dr. Edelson and his team of doctor’s call Body Signals. They have also brought to our communities and businesses the three-part nutrition series: Moving Right, Eating Right and Thinking Right. ChiropracticUSA’s doctors collective mission is to educate and adjust as many Men, Woman and Children towards optimum health through Natural Corrective Care. Dr. Edelson said, “it is a done with you not for you Wellness facility”.

With offices in Ocala (352-351-2872), The Villages (352-259-2225), and South Florida (954-581-1999) to best serve you. Call and find out which office is closest to you and schedule a consultation with one of the Pro’s. It could very well be the best experience you have ever had.


Buffalo Ridge // 3614 Wedgewood Lane, The Villages // 352.259.2225

Jasmine Square // 7668 S.W. 60th Ave., Suite 500, Ocala // 352.351.2872